Florida Traffic School made simple

Handling Your Traffic Ticket

Notify the Court within 30 days

Even if you feel like you deserved the ticket, you may be eligible to keep it off your record. Tell the court you wish to elect the traffic school option.

Required Documentation

Some courts require you to complete an election form or sign an affidavit declaring your eligibilty to take the course.

Complete a Traffic School Course

Register and complete our traffic school class online whenever you're ready, when it's convenient for you. We have everything you need.

Submit Your Certificate

Submit your certificate of completion before your due date assigned by the court and you're done!


1. Contact your court and notify them that you wish to take to take a basic driver improvement course.

You may do this online, in writing, or in person. You have to make this election within 30 days from the date you got your citation. After that time, you are at risk of a suspension of your license for failure to properly resolve your citation.
Click here for instructions for some specific clerk of court offices in Florida.

You must also meet the following eligibility requirements:

  You hold a valid non-commercial driver license.
  Your citation is less than 30 MPH over the speed limit.
  You have NOT completed a course within the past 12 months.
  You have NOT elected a traffic school option more than 5 times.

Make sure to ask if your court has specific forms or affidavits that it will require you to mail/bring in. You can often find copies of these specific forms to print on your court or county’s website.

2. Mail or bring to the court all required documents and forms:

  Proof of valid Florida driver license.
  Any other documentation specified by the court.
  A court administrative fee (which varies by court).

3. Enroll in and complete your DHSMV-Approved Traffic School Course.

4. After you finish your course, send/bring in the following document to your court:

  Your Traffic School Course Certificate of Completion.

Once you have submitted your Completion Certificate, the court will notify you when your dismissal has been processed. Check your driving record to be sure that your Florida traffic school course withheld the adjudication from your history!


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