Florida Defensive Driving made easy

Approved by the Florida DHSMV

Florida Traffic School

Florida drivers who need to take a defensive driving course soon learn that they have many to choose from. However, all drivers should make certain that the course that they choose is fully approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Taking a totally approved course ensures that you are getting the right education, while at the same time guaranteeing that all your work and studying will pay off by keeping that ticket off your record.

This completely DMV-approved Florida traffic school course provides students with an education in the most crucial aspects of safe driving. Topics include:

  Florida Traffic Laws
  Defensive Driving Strategies to Help You Avoid Collisions
  The Dangers of Drunk Driving

What does DHSMV approved mean? The governing body which oversees the Traffic Schools and Driver Education Programs in Florida is the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Without the DHSMV approval course providers and schools are not licensed or approved by the state of Florida. If the course providers are not approved by these governing bodies, the courts for which you are seeking a ticket dismissal for will not accept the certificate you turn in to them. To ensure a provider is approved simply look for the course provider license. IDriveFlorida.com utilzes an approved driving safety course provider and driving safety school. Once approved to take a class by your court, our course withholds adjudication a traffic citation and prevents an increase in the number of points on your driving record.


Why Choose Us?



Why Take a Defensive Driving Course?


Think of it like maintenence on a vehicle. By investing a few dollars today, you can save a lot of money tomorrow. Points on your license can increase your insurance premiums and costs to renew your license. You may even qualify for an insurance discount by successfully completing a driver safety course.


When you take an I Drive Florida traffic school course, you never have to step foot inside of a classroom. Since you can start and stop the Florida online Driving Safety course at your own pace, you get to determine the schedule. Not everyone works at the same pace, so we make it easy for you to complete the Florida traffic school in a manner that works for you.


You want dismissing a ticket from your record to be as hassle-free as possible, and that's why we have made our Florida traffic school online course simple to use and easy to pass. We have broken up the entire course into several small easy-to-read chapters. Included are animations and videos that make the course experience much more educational and fun.


Did you know that many insurance providers will give you a discount on your auto insurance premium just for taking a defensive driving course? When you complete our course online, you can earn up to 10% off your insurance costs! Check with your insurance provider for details on eligibility, and get yourself the savings you've earned through being a responsible driver.